continued pages

coming in january, i will be continuing the “pages” project.

pages” was an installation in artprize 2009.  at artprize, i had three handmade books in which i had filled the pages with my beliefs, doubts, and observations.  i also had empty handmade books, along with supplies of many sorts, set out on a table.  the viewer was invited to fill their own pages with their own beliefs, doubts, and observations.  many families joined in the collaboration, and what resulted was a lot of the pages filled with children’s drawings. now, children’s drawings are lovely, and i treasure my niece’s and remember fondly my years teaching art to kids.  but the idea of this project was to elicit a creative response to the question “what would it look like if all our thoughts-our beliefs, our doubts, our observations-were spilled out onto pages?”   another hinderance to a successful collection of filled books was inherent in the setting: no one entering the space had advance warning of what they would be asked to do, and many folks were so overwhelmed with so much art around them (1,262 artworks in a three mile radius!) that they often weren’t able to stop long to fill their page.


since artprize ended, i’ve been thinking about how to engage others in this process in a more thoughtful, meaningful way.  i think visits to coffee shops, similar to how many of the 1000 journals project books were filled, might be just the right solution.

so for stage two of the project, i’d like to have handmade journals spend a month or so at local coffee shops.  if you own a coffee shop, or know someone who does, and would like to host a pages book or two , please contact me for more details.  if you have a suggestion of a coffee shop i should approach, please let me know!

stage three of the pages project will be to gather together the best pages, from both my own books and those filled in the artprize installation and coffee shops, and create a published book from the results.

i hope you’ll collaborate with me.



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