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out-of-the-box thinking for a good cause

i’ve gotten involved in starting a non-profit geared to encourage child literacy (visual too!) and creativity, called the Grand Rapids Creative Youth Center.

(see http://grcommunity.wordpress.com/ or just ask me, i’ll talk your ear off)

i’m so excited to be a part of such a great team, doing rad things like storytelling workshops with kids that end up with a villain named Dr. Crazy-Pants who, by the way, has a zig-zag mustache.

so last night, we had a brainstorming party to help us come up with “storefront” ideas (think Dave Eggers’ 826 National) and gather suggestions for local writers/artists to lead workshops, among other things necessary to start up a new non-profit when you aren’t fiscally able to bankroll yourself (ahem).
it was a fabulous success, and proof once again that grand rapids, michigan is filled with creative, talented, out-of-the-box thinkers. big thanks to everyone who attended and stayed on task in the face of wine and cheese.


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reduce reuse recycle

there has been a lot of confusion for visitors to our home about the various garbage cans scattered about my kitchen.
after last night’s dinner party produced shrimp tails in the recycle bin, i decided to try helping folks out a bit.
first, i put all three cans together-with the idea of making people pause to consider which one to use.
then, i broke out the dymo and labrled them-reduce (garbage), recycle, and reuse(compost).

i’m hoping this system will not only alleviate confusion but also provide an education moment, helping people think about the choices we have about how much we toss to the landfill.

and hey, who doesn’t love an excuse to play with an old-school dymo?

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