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foodie friday: a stack of freezer pizzas

if you know me, you know that one of my favorite ways to re-center and relax is to make stuff…. in the kitchen.  most of my kitchen experimentation goes on during the weekends, so i thought… what better day to kick off the kitchen weekend but with a foodie friday post!

because we can't get ourselves to brooklyn every time we want a good pizza

since i do enjoy playing in my kitchen on the weekends, i’ve learned to have that pay off a bit during the week, when i don’t necessarily have the time (or, honestly, just the energy) to be there much during the week.  i’ve recently started “investment cooking,” otherwise known as once a month cooking.  what has become difficult for me, however, is that most freezer-friendly bulk recipes for things like this are filled with processed foods or they are casseroles and nasty faux mexican nonsense.  (i told you i was a foodie, right?)

i have, however, figured out a few winners that combine quality, real food with bulk cooking-and once in a while i’ll share some new discoveries with you.  the one that massi and i are particularly thrilled with these days is our homemade frozen pizzas.  so easy!  so good!  so what i want when i’m tired and want junk food but don’t want to regret it later.

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