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make your own: GUMMI BEARS

what is it about experiments in the kitchen?

this weekend i tried a simple recipe for making my own gummi bears.  i have a friend who has celiac disease, and she really misses gummi bears.  so i endeavored to make some that she could enjoy.  this is about the easiest candy recipe i’ve ever seen, and worked like a dream.  however, i want to keep experimenting so that vegans can also have them (this used gelatin, which is i am sorry to say, ground up animal bones people).  i’d also like to do something about all those chemicals and colorings that fill jello.  so i’m looking for more recipes that use agar and fruit juice… and hopefully soon enough i can use Local fruits and make a gummi bear filled with thoughtful-eating ingredients (unprocessed, organic, nutritious, Local!), while opening up to more exciting flavors.

gummies for adults, here we come!

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making art and making food (link love)

it’s monday.  i’m not a fan of mondays.  monday is the day that follows sunday, after all, the day when you don’t have to feel guilty at all for just lying about and are, in fact, commanded to rest and relax.  but monday… monday is when we get down to it.  only sometimes, we feel a bit uninspired.

so what better day to take in a little inspiration than on mondays!  perhaps i should make this a weekly thing.

this week i just can’t help but focus on just two very important elements of my life:  making art, and making food.

art and design

robert kingston -if i were still a painter, i would hope to paint something like this.

next sunday i’m going to detroit for the day, and am hoping to explore some of the great art i hear going on in the middle of run-down (or perhaps because of) run-down buildings.  i can’t help but watch this animated  graffiti brilliance in preparation.  over and over again.

gorgeous?  yes, indeed:  dinner plates.

which brings us to….

in the kitchen

book recommendations for cooking with kids via the kitchn, who always has good stuff.

like today they show us how to make our own cough drops, and that looks like fun (to me.  i know.  stop.)

insane jellies and other malaysian treats, found after great success making my own gummi bears.  (more on that later!)

i’m back to making my smoothies.  alton brown has his own method, of course.

this lady stole my recipe binder system!  well, she did forget an important element:  each section in My binder also has photo sleeves (for 3 photos in a page) at the back for recipes on good ol’ fashioned recipe cards.

hope that helps you get moving on your monday!

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