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no such thing as a free glass of milk

“Understanding unity helps to solve humanity’s biggest challenges. There is no such thing as an isolated problem. By injuring any part of the world’s system, you injure yourself. There is no such thing as a win/lose situation. Think of life on this planet in terms of systems and not detached elements. Broaden your field of vision and assimilate the knowledge you have. See that the environment does not belong to any single country to exploit and then disregard. You cannot afford to think of your relationship with the earth as a one-night stand. There’s no such thing as a free glass of milk. It’s time to buy the cow.” – Za Rinpoche

from michela sorrento‘s blog post, which you should also read.  and while you’re there, take a look at her work.  a.ma.zing.

we are all connected.  my actions do not only affect me, they affect those around me.  and your actions for you affect me, and our actions for us affect people in other countries that we haven’t noticed any connection with….


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